Our goal at West U Pediatric dentistry is
to provide children with customized
dental care in a calm and nurturing environment. 


We know that each child is unique.  

Our team is trained to cater our services to the needs of each and every one of them.


About us



We are a dental office that specializes in the treatment of infants, children, adolescents and those with special health care needs.   Our team has a strong set of core values that guide us in providing exceptional care. 



We believe that every child is unique.

We believe that parents are our best partners.

We believe in putting your child’s needs first.

We believe in trust and transparency.

We believe in providing exceptional care.

Why choose West U Pediatric Dentistry?

In addition to completing the two year specialty training in pediatric dentistry, Dr. Gandhi is certified in laser assisted pediatric dentistry, performs infant frenectomies in-office and is also affiliated with Texas Children's Hospital.  This allows you to have more choices to meet your child's individual needs.



Our Hours


Monday 8am - 5pm

tuesday 8am - 5pm

wednesday 8am - 5pm

thursday 7am - 3pm

fridaY 8am - 5pm